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Is Your Home Furnace Ready for Winter?

Winter is coming and your HVAC system is transitioning from cooling your home to keeping it nice and warm. It is always better to check the furnace before winter before hand to prevent suffering through chilly winter nights shivering. There’s nothing worse than turning on the thermostat and discover that it is not working. To…

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Understanding the Defrost Cycle on Your Heat Pump

The defrost cycle of a heat pump system is crucial to maintaining its optimal performance and for ensuring the longevity of your heating and cooling investment.

When a heat pump is performing in its heat cycle it is typically doing so in the cooler winter months. When the ambient air temperature outside of your home is cool and the relative humidity is high, it can carry more water vapor than normal. This set ups a condition wherein frost might form on the surface of the much colder outdoor coil. If left unattended, this frost covering will interfere with the optimal operation of the heat pump, which costs you money. To correct this occurrence, the auto defrost cycle on your heat pump becomes activated to remove the frost.

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HVAC Repair Versus Replacement

Your heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system may be showing its age. Perhaps you’ve noticed a marked drop in performance or more find that you are requesting more frequent service calls just to stay comfortable. It’s time to begin considering rising repair costs verses a full HVAC system replacement. How soon should you replace an HVAC system? Should you keep repairing your system and when would a modern, more efficient system provide a better return on your heating and cooling investment? When determining repair verses replacement, there are many factors to consider. Let Boyd Service Company provide some clarity and look at both sides of this important decision.